My own manual of HW-585, a 3-channel fan speed controller.

It was very hard to find a good manual for HW-585, a 3-channel fan speed controller I purchased on the internet, so I decided to write my own manual. Maybe it will be helpful also for you. However use it at your own risk and test on workbench first.


Controller works only with 4-wire fans intended for PWM control (3-wire fans will always run with maximum speed).
Automatic control is only for FAN1 (control based on temperature monitored by NTC).
FAN2 and FAN3 can be controlled manually using potentiometers located next to FAN2 and FAN3 connectors.

Description of ports:
-12V+ – connector for external 12V DC supply
FAN1 – connector for fan 1 (automatic control)
FAN2 – connector for fan 2 (manual control)
FAN3 – connector for fan 3 (manual control)
NTC-50K3950 – connector for NTC temperature sensor (in many cases included with the kit)
BEEP – connector for buzzer (in many cases included with the kit), no need to connect it if you do not plan to use stall alarm function.

DIP switches functions:
TFL: OFF – lowest speed of FAN1 is 20%, ON – lowest speed of FAN1 is 40%
TP1 and TP2 – accelerating temperature and full speed temperature of FAN1:


TP2 Accelerating temperature Full speed temperature


OFF 35℃ 45℃


OFF 40℃


OFF ON 50℃


ON ON 60℃


Note: below accelerating temperature the speed of FAN1 is set to minimum.

BF1 – stall alarm for FAN1 (ON – alarm activated, OFF – alarm deactivated).
BF2 – stall alarm for FAN2 (ON – alarm activated, OFF – alarm deactivated).
Note: if both are ON, the buzzer will be activated and LED will blink if one or both fans are stopped (or disconnected); stall alarm is activated when fan speed is below 700-800 rpm – when using low rotation speed fans, they might run at 600 rpm when PWM signal is 10% or 20%, which will trigger the alarm even if the fan is still rotating.

Speed control range:
FAN1: 20% -100% (or 40% -100% when TFL = ON), automatic speed control based on temperature and TP1, TP2 and TFL settings.
FAN2 and FAN3: 10% -100% (10% when potentiometer is rotated max to the left, 100% when potentiometer is rotated max to the right)

Temperature probe parameters: NTC 50K B3950

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